Thursday, July 7, 2011

What do YOU want to know?!

So, I totally plan on doing a feature on me and my shop in the future...but first I want to finish up with all of the Blog Features for all of the other amazing sponsors of the Mega Giveaway!

I am seriously having way too much fun with these interviews! The truth be told, I am super nosy...and I LOVE learning more about what makes people tick, and where they started creating.

In the meantime, what do YOU want to know about me?
Are there any questions that you're just DYING to have answered?

I am interesting, really...I promise! :P

Let me see if I can make a list of random things about myself...I will try to make the list extra riveting with a lot of pictures for your daily read.

This is me as a baby! That is my beautiful Mommy. She is an amazing woman...strong, intelligent, inspiring, sweet, and a perfect Nana to my kids. <3            

This is me and my Lover Jon at the top of the Key West Lighthouse. This was before kids..notice my nice tan, extremely white teeth, and much smaller figure! :P

This is my daughter, Evie; and my son, JG (Bubba, Jonathan). This was taken by one of the best photog's I know. And aren't my kids darling?!

This is baby Anastasia. Isn't she lovely? She has what I like to call "Disney Princess Eyes". (And I happen to think she looks JUST like me.)

This is what I do in my spare time...I bake! This was Evie's 3rd birthday cake, she specifically requested a "Pink Barbie Cake". It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be!

And I bake some more! This is JG's 2nd birthday cake. He requested a "Blue Jeep Cake". This was tougher than the Barbie..but his face when he saw it was SO worth it.

This is my favorite creature. I could watch them all day long. And I am a SUCKER for Giraffe print ANYTHING. Just try me.

So here are just a few more things that I am addicted to really like:

  • Posting random pictures on Facebook from my phone. I am a "Mobile Upload" junkie.
  • Crime TV..think, "CSI", Law & Order", "48 Hour Mystery", etc.
  • Singing and music. I can't go a day without listening to music. And usually I am singing right along.
  • "Cupcake Wars"! ...seriously, I LOVE that show.
  • Straightening up. I am constantly picking up toys, reorganizing things, wiping things down..I HATE clutter.
I think that is enough for today..I can't give away all of my secrets. :)

So I ask you again, what do YOU want to know?!

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  1. Baby A does look just like you! Your baby pics and her, better write on the backs! =)


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