About Me

Me w/ my youngest the day after she was born.
Hi! I am Susan!

I am a wife to Jon, you'll probably hear a lot about him. ;) He is incredibly smart, can fix anything, and is a great provider. He works very hard, and allows me to stay home with our children. Jon and I were married in 2008, and made our home in beautiful NC.

Our family is complete with our 3 amazing children. Evie, is our brilliant first born who we welcomed into our arms in 2008. Jonathan is our one and only boy, who we also welcomed in 2008. Yes, that's right...our first two babies were Irish, Calender twins. It was a whirlwind at first, but they are now best friends. In 2010 we welcomed our last beautiful baby into the world, Anastasia. My children are my life, and I am constantly in awe of the three amazing creations that I spend every day with.
I am a Daughter to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and a really amazing Mom. She is an inspiration of what strength is, and she is one of my closest friends. I hope to have the same relationship with my children that I share with my Mom.
A few random facts : I love to bake.
I love animals.
I enjoy writing, and would love to have a published book.
I love to plan parties.
My favorite color is Turquoise.
My favorite restaurant is Chili's.
I am shamelessly addicted to reality shows.