Saturday, July 30, 2011

I LOVE Custom Orders!

This post is for all of my lovely customers, and customers-to-be; I absolutely LOVE custom orders. In fact, I thrive on custom orders. Every once in a while I will get an email or convo asking if I do custom work, and each time I am sitting at home emphatically shaking my head "YES!".

First of all, I really love when my customers (new and repeat) come to me and ask me to create something special for their birthday party, Christmas, weddings, etc. It really is an honor to create something special, and I treasure each and every custom request.

Second of all, I have a blast looking for matching fabrics, flowers, trims, and crystals that will make the special hair piece truly one of a kind.

If you're interested in placing a custom order, I welcome all requests! Just email me at RobbinsNest102(at)

Here is just a little bit about the custom work process, please don't be doesn't take long at all!

Most custom requests begin with an outfit; the customer will send me a picture of an upcoming event outfit and we can decide on the color scheme.
Color schemes are important because using a picture over the internet can sometimes be hard to match perfectly. Don't worry, my hair pieces have always matched. ;)

Secondly we discuss style, most people have a preference over the types of flowers that I offer; some really love the Blossoms because they're unique, some really love the look of Silk Flowers, and sometimes Rosettes add the perfect amount of class to a hair piece. If you do have a favorite, then we will just build around that. If you do not have a favorite, then we will discuss different options that fit your vision.

A lot of times I will brainstorm once I see the outfit and then present the customer with a few options.

Just a few more notes on custom work:

**Prices do vary based on the complexity of the hair piece, and materials used.
**If you see something in the shop that you LOVE, but wish that it were different colors, that is also custom work; and I am happy to accomodate those wishes.

Now on to some pictures of custom work that I have completed in the past, enjoy!

Custom Headband for a little girl's birthday. I was given a picture of a Salmon colored dress and the Mom wanted the following : Lace headband, White feathers, Pearls, and Netting.

Birthday headband, M2M a pink flowered dress.

Birthday party headband, M2M a Black/Purple Romper.

This was actually my first custom corsage order. It was M2M a beautiful Pink prom dress. The customer wanted different types of flowers and shades of pink. The Boutonierre was a Hot Pink (single) Blossom.

Again, I LOVE custom orders! :)

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  1. I just recently started doing custom hair accessories for quinceaneras and I know what you mean! Custom orders are so much fun, especially when you are doing them for a friend.


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