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Blog Feature Sunday - Get to know Mary @ Jazzy Custom Creations & HeartsRWild

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
-Hello! I am a mother of 2 wonderful children a 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I teach part-time at a local university and spend the rest of my time crafting or with the family. I have 2 Etsy shops, JazzyCustomCreations which sells bath and body items, most notedly my lotion candles; and HeartsRWild, which sells party supplies such as hand sewn party favor bags.

I can vouch for the Lotion Candles, they smell delicious and are a GENIUS idea!

Name three words to describe yourself.
-I am a crafty and loving, perfectionist who enjoys working with a variety of materials to make unique and amazing items.

Name three words to describe your shop.
-For my first shop the 3 words that I would use to describe it is Unique, Luxurious, and Scented.
The 3 words I’d used to describe my second shop would be Unique, Fun, and Party.

How long have you been creating? How long have you been selling your product, and what made you take the plunge to sell to others?
-I have been creating since 2008 as a means to spend time with my physically disabled mother and my then 8 year old daughter. We began making jewelry, which I sold to coworkers and friends. I opened my first Etsy shop in April of 2009 and listed all my jewelry. Unfortunately it never sold well on Etsy and I thought about closing up shop and calling it quits. In 2010 my mother and I wanted to try something new- bath products- so I placed my order for some supplies. I began making bath and body supplies in August of 2010 as a means to cope with my mother’s death. My kiddos are my crafting partners now. I’ve tried to get back into making jewelry but just cannot do it anymore. Too many memories I guess…

I opened my second Etsy shop June of 2011 as another creative outlet for me. I always make items for my kids birthday parties so I don’t break the bank so to speak. In April I made my daughter’s luau party bags and began seeing a lot of requests for party favors on various team discussion boards. So I thought “Hmm…maybe I should try to open a party supply business.” In May I began creating my handmade party bags and by June I had enough items to start another shop. I like crafting these items when it is nice and quiet in the house as a way to relax.

I am sorry to hear about your Mom, I am glad that you were able to have those memories with her, though! I admire your ability to run two shops, I don't think that I could keep it all straight! :)
Tell me a little bit about your creative process?
-For my first shop, I try to determine the lotion candle scents that I sell based on customer requests and my preferences. I strive to make all my items unique and high quality for my customers. I am learning how to make various other bath and beauty items right now and hope to get some cool new items out soon. Some items I hope to add are bath fizzies, personalized soaps, lip gloss, and perfume. I am open to suggestions or requests :o)

My second shop allows me to let the kid inside me come out and play. I create hand-sewn party favor bags. I also plan to sell party favors such as lollipops and other candies, cake balls, and cookie pops. I plan to create crayons to match my party bags, as well as party themed games and more. It is just taking me a little time to get it all together right now. I am open to suggestions or requests that you would like to see in my party supply shop!

You have a lot of good ideas! I cannot wait to watch both of your shops expand and grow! I would love to see some Sugar Scrubs! :)

Can we see your work space?
-Hmm…Would you really want too? There’s really not a set work space for me- the whole house is my work area. My kitchen and bedroom double as my primary work spaces and my closet is my supply storage. I keep bugging my hubby for a work area, but nothing yet. My thoughts are if I take over the house with my crafts maybe he’ll get started on clearing me a work area LOL!

I like the way that you think! :) I also use my entire house, it is hard to confine it to one area.

What are your other passions?
-When I am not crafting for my shops or working at my part-time job, I enjoy reading, spending time with the family, and shopping. I am a real BIG book worm. I take my Kindle with me everywhere I go and read at every opportunity. Right now I’m reading the series of “A Game of Thrones” by George RR Martin.

I also enjoy a good book! Let me check into that series, I am curious about it now.

What are your two favorite items from your shop, and why?
-My lotion candles and my Oatmeal and Shea butter soap are my 2 favorite items from my first shop. I LOVE all my lotion candles and use them often because they make my skin feel smooth and smell good too. My Oatmeal and Shea butter soap is my favorite face soap because it does not over dry my skin and helps reduce the redness on my cheeks.

In my second shop I would say that my Owl and Jolly Roger are my favorite so far. I have more creations in mind, so only time will tell how long these will stay my favorites. Honestly though, it really just depends on the mood I’m in because I really LOVE all the items in my shop- If I didn’t they would not be listed!

I have to agree, the Lotion candles are fabulous!! And that Owl is seriously too cute!

What are some of your favorite shops?
-I favorite shops that make items I cannot make myself such as hair accessories, crochet, and food items. Here are a few of my favorites. I could have listed more but thought 6 was probably pushing it :o)

Sams Crochet
She makes really cool crochet items. My favorites are the headbands and the laptop cover.

Crumbles Cookies
She has the best sweets ever! Homemade Marshmallows…YUMMY!

The Sewing Fool
I bought my son the CUTEST shirts from her. They are unique and fun.

LOVE the headbands- I wear them everyday.

BeeblesI bought my nieces and nephew some personalized urban graffiti jewelry from her. Talk about original!

Stained Glass Addie
I got some personalized memorial items of my mother for Christmas from her. She was great to work with!
Thanks for the shout out! I am so glad that you love them. :) I can't wait to check out these shops!

Lastly, what is some advice that you would offer to those interested in starting their own shop?
My advice would be make what you love and work hard on your shop every day. It is hard work to be successful on Etsy because there are so many talented people here. It helps to think ‘outside the box’ and make something that is completely new so you can stand out in the crowd.

I agree, it definitely helps to have a really stand out product!

Now it is my favorite part, I am going to share a few of my favorite things from Mary's shop! :)

These lotion candles smell SO good!

How darling is this Butterfly favor bag?
Doesn't this Apple soap look good enough to eat?!

Mary, thanks so much for spending the time with us and for letting us learn so much more about you and your wonderful creations! I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I wish you the greatest success with both of your shops! :)

Thank you for the generous donation of the Lotion Candle and Party Favor bag for the Mega Giveaway as well!

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