Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is New

We have had a busy last few we I mean my family, not Nesto. ;)
My big sister and sweet little nephews are here for the next 1.5 weeks, and we have been spending a lot of time with them. (The Caribbean living sister)

We are going to the Beach with them, and my Mama next week; I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about that.

I took my kids to the Lake this past week (Jon was in Boston on business) with one of my best friends, and we had a BLAST being near the water. It was Baby Goose's first time in the sand, and she LOVED it!

So, my goal for Nesto is to have all of my current orders/orders placed before July 3rd finished and shipped before I leave. ;)

I have been in the process of re vamping the site/s a little bit. Getting rid of item/s that aren't best sellers, or don't get many views; and really creating a lot of new item/s. I am so excited with the direction that Nesto is going, and I really hope and pray that it continues to thrive.

Here are just a few new listings/items that I am working on (all are or will be available on Etsy by tomorrow night):

I love how dainty this chain is and it has just the right amount of sparkle.

So perfect with a white tank, or a little black dress.

I am SO in love with this fabric, and I hate that it is limited! Better get these while you can!

So, I haven't listed this Lavender Lovely yet, but it is going to be a part of the "Bitty Bloom Starter Collection", which I am SO excited to offer.
You can choose ANY colors. They will come in sets (4, 6, 8), on Bitty Bands, and with your choice of White Pearls or Swarovski Crystals (shown). They are PERFECT for getting your headband collection started. Plus, they are just so cute.

In other news, I also ordered NEW business cards! I cannot wait to receive them! Make sure to place an order so that you will get to see the new design! :)

Well, I need to go clean the house. Stay tuned for "Anastasia Turns ONE" party planning posts in the near future.

For my Blogging fans, this code will get you 20% off today/tomorrow only, "BLOG2029"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Feature Sunday - Get to know Allison @ Lila's Locker

Click HERE to enter Lila's Locker!
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

-I’m a new wife and depending on when this gets put up, new mommy! My
husband and I recently got married in September and started a family right
away. Our baby girl is due at the end of June!
I’ve been working from home for a little over 2 years now. I graduated
from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. At the time I worked
part time at a public aquarium taking care of the Amazon exhibit, so
things like piranha, poison dart frogs, you know the cool animals! But
funding was tight so they couldn’t offer me full-time work and I needed
more money to be able to afford rent. So, I decided to take the plunge and
work on my business full-time. In the mean time I moved back home with my
parents so I could afford the venture. It started off, and still is mainly
my business making and selling pet supplies for chinchillas
( but with my extra time I decided to give
Etsy a go!
I now enjoy being my own boss because it allows me to stay home with the
baby and I really enjoy seeing others enjoy what I make!

Congratulations on being a new Mommy!! I am patiently stalking your Blog for a "She's here!" post! :) I had no idea that you also headed up the Chinchilla business, they are such darling little creatures.

Name three words to describe yourself.
-Creative, kind, introverted

Name three words to describe your Etsy shop.

-Fun, colorful, reasonably priced (I know that’s more than 3!)

I will let that slide, this time! :P

How long have you been creating? How long have you been selling on Etsy,
and what made you take the plunge to sell to others?

-Well, I’ve been sewing since I was around 8 years old. One summer my mom
showed me how to use her sewing machine and from there I went on to make
clothes for my dolls. Other than that I’ve always been a creative type. I
loved art in school; I actually minored in it, which was totally unrelated
to my Biology major!
I opened my first Etsy shop in August of 2008. That was selling my
Chinchilla things. Then I opened my second Etsy shop
( in October of the same year. I wanted to
sell dog collars there. Finally, in February of 2009 I opened Lila’s
Locker. Originally it started as selling vintage items, but once I found
out we were expecting I switched gears into baby items!
I started selling to others in 2006 when I got my first Chinchilla. That’s
when I started my website, Camphor Chins. I decided to start because I saw
what other people were making and selling and I knew I could do it too. I
definitely have gotten better over the years though! Selling at Lila’s
Locker though, I decided that I really needed an outlet for the things I
was making. Our baby can only have so many clothes!

I can totally vouch for your dog collars, I still have my Owl one hanging up ready for whenever we decide to add another furry kid to our family. It is so cute! I am impressed that you can manage all of your shops! Multi-tasking at it's best. ;)

Tell me a little bit about your creative process?
-I normally just start with an idea in my head and then just have to see it
out. It becomes a bit of an obsession to find the right fabrics for the
project and get the project finished. Of course things don’t always work
out, or don’t turn out exactly how I imagined, but that’s part of learning
your craft! Sometimes I see something I just have to have, but know that I
want my own spin on it. So there are times where I will make myself
something and like it so much that then I decide to sell it.

Can we see your work space?

-I so wish I had a nice space to show you all! Come back in about 6 months
and maybe I will! I actually right now just work in my husband’s childhood
bedroom. We currently live with my MIL while we search for houses. So,
needless to say I’m horribly cramped and not the most organized.
I so look forward to getting a house and having a work room with a wall
covered in fabric storage!

I think that all of us who craft or have a home business wish for MORE space!

What are your other passions?

-I really love photography. I’m looking forward to documenting our little
girl’s childhood with pictures, I treasure my childhood pictures, so I
think photography is an important thing! We also love to spend time
outdoors hiking and camping. But in my free time I honestly sew for fun!

I also love to take pictures! I have more pictures of my three kids than I will EVER have space for.

What are your two favorite items from your shop, and why?

-First would definitely be my personalized pillows. I just love creating
something special for someone! I love searching out just the perfect
fabric combination's for them too!
Otherwise I just really love all my minky stuffies. I love finding new
minky prints and making up the color combination's on them!

I have to say that Allison's name pillows are amazing! I got one for Anastasia, and it is one of the most precious things in her room. We also have a sweet pink Elephant minky stuffie...we are Lila's Locker addicts here!

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

-I’m a real DIY gal, so my favorites are ones that sell patterns.
Ume Crafts has awesome felt food patterns!
Little Lizard King has some adorable girl patterns!

And of course I’ve loved everything that I’ve gotten from Nest of Many

Awww, thanks. :) I am going to have to look more at LLK, it looks like an awesome shop!

Lastly, what is some advice that you would offer to those interested in
starting their own Etsy shop?

-To really succeed on Etsy, you need to have something to list often.
That’s the key in being found on Etsy. To really sell, I’ve found that I
need to be listing something new, or renewing a sold item at least every 2
to 3 days. Daily is even better, but I know not everyone has enough stock
for that.
And I always hate to be the serious one, but I also highly suggest looking
into your state’s business laws and regulations. Take the time to become
fully legal and pay your state’s sales taxes. It really gives you a sense
of pride to be a true business owner!
Excellent tips, I couldn't agree more with all of your advice!

Now it is my favorite part, I am going to share a few of my favorite things from Allison's shop! :)

These Dolls are absolutely darling! I love that they are totally customizable!

All of your applied onesies are seriously TOO cute!

Squeeeel, I LOVE this Giraffe!

Allison, thank you SO much for spending the time doing the interview with us! I have loved learning more about you and your business!
You have an amazing product, and one of my first stops for new baby gifts! Each little one needs one of your little lovies!

Be sure to enter the Mega Giveaway to enter to win one of Lila's Locker's Crinkle Squares! :)

Mega Give Away and Blog Features

So there are a lot of benefits of selling on Etsy; you learn a lot, you sell your creations, and most importantly, you form relationships!

Seriously, one of the main reasons that I stay on Etsy is because of the friendships that I've found (some are even my friends on FB!), and the relationships with other shops that I love. The friendships in this field are invaluable, and what you can learn from others is amazing.

That being said, some of my VERY favorite shops have come together to present you with a pretty sweet little give away of some of the item/s from their shops. (and of course, Nesto is giving prizes, too!)

There will be ONE winner for all of the loot (118.00 worth of goods!!); the prizes will be listed below, as well as the rules, regulations, and ways to enter. :)

The other part of this Giveaways is also the "Features" that we will be doing. Each of the Shops that are donating an item will also have a spotlight feature on them. They will each be asked the same questions, and it gives us all a peek into the life of these crafting genuises! I am the MOST excited about that part because I LOVE learning about other people, especially those that I admire and love working beside! (Look for a new shop feature EVERY Sunday)

So without further ado, your prizes (listed in no particular order, except that yours truly is listed first):

25.00 Gift Certificate from Nesto (not valid on shipping)
Cassy or Amelia Dress from Momma Fix (Value: 25.00)

10.00 Gift Certificate from My Bella Baby

6" by 6" Decorative Tile from The Crafty Geek (Value: 10.00)

10.00 Gift Certificate to Beautiful Dreamers Design

Your Choice of Party Favor bag from HeartsRWild
(Value 2.00)

Pink Orchid Deco Earrings from Jaydemia
 (Value 20.00)

White Rose Bloomer Onesie w/ Swarovski Crystals from Solcreation's For You (Value: 17.00)

Crinkle Square in Sock Monkeys from Lila's Locker (Value: 6.00)

Cotton Facial Scrubbie Set of 4 from MelissaGHollis (Value: 8.00)

Black and White Damask Wristlet Key Fob from DeMoss Designs  (Value: 5.75)

4 oz Lotion Candle from Jazzy Custom Creations (Value: 5.00)

10.00 Gift Certificate to Bella Anela Jewelry (expires July 10, 2012)

So down to the nitty gritty; in order to enter to win the above (amazing) prizes, you must:

* "Like" each sponsors Facebook page
* Follow their Blog (if applicable, some of the sponsors aren't part of the Blogging world....yet!)
* Leave a comment below stating that you have done all of the above.
* Leaving a comment on the sponsors Facebook, and/or Blog is recommended, but NOT required. However fan status, and follower status WILL be verified.

* One entree per person/household.
* This contest is in NO way sponsored, endorsed, or featured by Facebook, or Blogger.
* Winner will be announced on Sunday, July 10th, 2011 on Nesto's Blog/Facebook.

Good luck! I wish that I could enter! :P
(See below for Facebook and Blog Links)

Nest Of Many Colors

Momma Fix

My Bella Baby

The Crafty Geek

Beautiful Dreamer's Design



Solcreations For You

Lila's Locker


DeMoss Designs

Jazzy Custom Creations

Bella Anela Jewelry

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Blog's First Give Away

I know that all of my sweet fans love a give away, and I love doing them!

I am in the midst of planning a super awesome "Mega Give Away", but until the details are ready to be released, this will have to satiate the give away craving! ;)

What: Black and White Rosette Bib Necklace on White Ribbon

Value: 16.00

**Can be made in ANY size, toddler-adult.

Make sure you're a fan of us on Facebook:

"Follow" our Blog, and leave a comment here!

It really is that easy.

Give Away will close Sunday, June 18th at 11PM EST.

Maddi Leigh Photography

I was recently approached by a sweet lady named Ashley who was interested in doing some product photography for me to use in my shops. I took a look at some of her previous work, and I was super impressed; to say the least! I went ahead and sent her some of my favorite items that I thought would really work with her upcoming shoots, and let me just say that the proofs that I have received so far are AH-MAZING! Photographers never cease to amaze me, and Ashley is no exception.

She has a few more shoots lined up to use a few more of my items with, and I cannot wait to continue to work with her!

Coming up she has a shoot with my new meternity sash, and a Bridal shoot with one of my feather headbands. I also look forward to interviewing Ashley for the Blog.

Please check out her Website!
And her Facebook!

And now, what you've been waiting for, pictures!
Sweet little S in our Lavender Blossom w/ Butterfly Headband.

Baby S again,  wearing our Teal Blossom w/ Peacock Feathers.
And here is the same headband, but being worn by Ashley.

I am still in awe, and I am so glad that Ashley liked my products enough to use them and promote them! Thanks again, Ashley, I look forward to working with you more in the future!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

Recipe time! I usually don't really share many recipes, because I usually make the same things over and OVER...but I am going to make it my goal to share one new recipe/week!
These Muffins are one of my very favorite things, and I have tweaked them to the exact way that we like them! I used Mini Muffin pans (You can get one for pretty cheap, find one  here!)

I think that everything tastes better when it is Mini-sized! Sliders, Muffins, Cupcakes, etc.

Let's get to it, shall we?


1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup milk chocolate chips, plus 1/4 cup for sprinkling
1 cup milk
1/3 cup plus 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 egg
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Don't you love my Flour bag?!


Preheat oven to 400 degrees, line Muffin Pan w/ liners or butter spray. (I used the later)

Mix dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Flour, baking soda, baking powder, & cocoa powder shown.

Brown sugar (I use Light), and White sugar going in!
Add 3/4 cup Chocolate Chips and lightly mix the batter. I only use Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate, but whatever is your favorite should be fine! Or even try the Mini Chips, now that would be cute. ;)

Add your milk, vegetable oil, egg, and Vanilla extract to a separate mixing bowl and wisk well.

 Mix your wet ingredients with the dry, and ALWAYS remember that a somewhat lumpy mixture makes the BEST muffins! You do not want a really smooth consistancy.
Remember the left over 1/4 cup of Chips?! Well, sprinkle those bad boys on TOP of the Muffins once you get them scooped into the Muffin pan.

Like so! Those are the best fresh out of the oven, because the Chips on top are soft and gooey!
Why, hello there, good lookin'.

New Items 6/16

First off, I have to say that today my youngest nephew turns 7 months old! Where does the time go!? I FINALLY get to meet him next week, and excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. (My older sister and her beautiful family live in the Carribbean. Jealous? I am.)

I got around to getting some new item/s created, and listed on Etsy. Now I have to find the time to list them on the site that my husband so painstakingly lovingly helped me create! I love having my own site; it allows me to change so many options. But I still like having an Etsy for search reasons, and traffic flow.

Here are a few new listings (that also hit my favorites list):

Let's talk about why I love that...because I LOVE Royal Blue, and I LOVE Peacock Feathers.

I used to have two Peacocks growing up, a male and female. Fantastic birds!
And I am reaaaally digging my new frame, I got it here!

Here is another new listing:

I love this because it literally can be worn with ANYthing.

Have I mentioned that I got a new toy?!

I got a new Sewing Machine a few weeks back, and man, do I love it. I haven't really sewn much since high school (I took Sewing for a few years), but I have picked it right back up.

Here is my second creation that I made with the new guy:

Not too bad, huh?

And one more thing that I would like to show off....a custom order for two Batman capes! 

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, BATMAN!

And that is what I will leave you with, today. 

<3 Mama Robbins