Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Can you believe that it is Friday already!? I feel like my weeks are flying by...and I cannot fathom that it is almost August!!

Last year around this time I was waiting for baby Anastasia to reach full term and come into the world. My sister and her family were in town, and we were very busy.

Here is me LAST August:
August 15...34 weeks pregnant with Anastasia.

And the August before (look how young my babies were!!!!!):
Evie and Jon

Sweet little Bubba
Let's move on to this weeks favorites, I am REALLY into

Pinwheels! I love them, they are so fun! We are using them as favors for Anastasia's party! (Oops, another spoiler!) These sweet little earrings can be found HERE.
Lilies! Okay, so I confess..I am not just loving these this week, I love them ALL the time. I actually have a Lily tattoo on my shoulder. <3

Trendy bags...isn't this one awesome?! You can find it, along with a lot other gorgeous bags, HERE.
Thai Food. Delicious! I had actually never eaten Thai before a few months back when Jon took me. Now I am addicted. If you've never tried Thai it! And then let me know what you think. ;)
Butterflies! (I also have a Butterfly tattoo, on my ankle. See how much you're learning in this post?!) I have always loved Butterflies, and I collect Butterfly "themed" items. 

Yesterday we actually went to a local Butterfly Farm with my Mom's Groups. They raise Monarch Butterflies. Here is a picture from yesterday:

I love cupcakes. One day I would LOVE to take a cake decorating class. Aren't these awesome?! Who doesn't love Mario Bros?
 When looking for some cute cakes to share, I came across some NOT so cute ones.

Like this guy...
What in the world?! Is the baby doll actually IN the oven!? Would that not melt it? there a special "baking baby" that you can use in this instance? CREEPY.

And then I came across this gem...really?
Ooh, Michelle, I am not sure I would want to serve this..anywhere.

 I can't leave you on a creepy baby cake note, so I will leave you with my last favorite of this week:

Ballons! My kids can entertain themselves forEVER with ballons.

I hope that you've enjoyed my weekly faves, join me next week for some more favorites. :)

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