Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome Fall Collection 2011 - Starter Set

Hi again friends, fans, and followers!

I have a pretty awesome, somewhat exclusive, hair accessory starter set. This Welcome Fall 2011 Collection Starter Set will not be offered long, will be limited supply, has some pieces that will NOT be offered separately, and is a fabulous deal.

Without further ado...

Look at all the pretties!

On to the nitty gritty, here is what is included in the package:

* Dark Teal and Gold Bloom Fleur Hair Clip
* Bubblegum and Royal Blue Bloom Fleur Hair Clip
* Lavender Hydrangea Single Headband (not offered out of the package)
* Yellow Berry Bright Skinny Headband (not offered out of the package)
* Plum Hydrangea Headband w/ Gold Ruffle
* Peridot Green Double Hydrangea Headband (not offered out of the package)
* Royal Blue and Gold Satin Bow Headband
* Tan Delphinium Flower Headband w/ Lace

(The hair clips can be on a headband instead, just let me know when you order.)

Now, I know all of you are wondering how much a package like this costs..and I hope that you're pleasantly surprised!

This package usually costs 68.70, but the special "Friends/Fans/Follower" price is 52.00.

Just a few guidelines:

** This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or coupons.
** Does not include shipping, shipping is 3.00 to US/Canada and 7.00 Internatinal.
** Colors cannot be changed in this set.
** This Collection is LIMITED, and will only be offered for a few weeks.

***If you would like to order, please email me at with the headband sizes that you need.***

I am reeeeeally excited about this Collection, and I hope that you all are too! :)

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  1. Super cute set! Love the colors!! - Maddi Leigh Photography


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