Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend.
It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Well, yikes...that is not a song that I enjoy having stuck in my head, but I got to say; I do agree with those lyrics.

..Sorry Rebecca Black, you and your cheesy "Friday" song did not make the Friday Favorite cut.

Buuuut, let's see what did.

First, let's address the Mom in me. I LOVE GAIN!

Seriously, this detergent smells A M A Z I N G! So good you could....ALMOST drink it? Not that good, I don't want you to end up on "My Strange Addiction".

Yes, it is happening..I am blogging about diapers.

Target Brand Diapers...they are second to none.
 The people are Crayola are genuises. Period.
What will they come up with next?!?!
Mohair Yarn.
This stuff is SO soft. I just bough a large skein for sweet little baby Halo's and I love the way that it feels.

Who is ready for Winter?!

Frosty is! (and so is Susan, as a matter of fact!) This guy is the inspiration for a reaaaally exciting mini top hat that is coming to the shop soon! Squeeeeal.

Oh baby Keurig, you make morning coffee FUN. I love putting in my little K-Cup and letting you do the rest of the work.

 Fedora hats have always been my favorite..ever since Britney used to rock them back in the day...

Oh Brit-Brit, you are the reason that I spent over 35.00 on a Plaid Fedora Spring Break my Senior year of High School.

But I think they're even cuter on teeny tiny Toddler Boys!

I got my own little Toddler Dude one on clearance at Target the other day. 4.28 = score!
GO HERE! You will not be disappointed.

I am addicted to Ruffle Fabric. I just bought some in Turquiose for my girls for our Fall Family Photo Shoot, and it is awesome! What a way to cash in too, PRE ruffled fabric?! GENIUS.
 I need to figure out where to find these big boys, STAT! Quick everyone, place an order so we can start the "Susan needs HUGE Diamond Earrings fund!" I kid...I kid.

Well, kind of. I DO want them, maybe my Lover will get the hint. ;)

Alrighty guys, that is all for today! Stay tuned for a new product post in the near furture. Enjoy your weekends, and enjoy your "Friday, Friday!"

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