Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's that time again, friends! :) Friiiiday Favorites.

I love Fridays...because that means I am one day closer to having Lover Jon home with us. I treasure weekend family time, and am so glad that I have a sweet husband who enjoys hanging out with us, too!

Sappy, sappy..mush!

Okay, here we go....

I LOVE these chips! I have always loved Doritos, but these Spicy Nacho ones really kick it up a notch. Delicious!

Who doesn't love an adorable Garden Gnome?! I want some of these for the front yard, but I doubt Jon would allow that. He is a firm believer of no statues/deer/etc in the front yard.

Oh, I am LOVING the Classic Bows right now! I am adding a ton to the shop lately, AND Bow Ties for little dudes are coming soon! (Shh!)

I have really enjoyed working with Lace lately. I love the elegant and feminine look that it gives.

Oh dear Christian Louboutins...I want you so bad. so So SO bad.

I have always been a bang hater. And now I am a bang lover. WHY does it take me SO long to get on  the bandwagon?

Old fashioned/Vintage Parasols! Isn't this lovely?! If I were a professional photog, I would be ALL over these. Sooo GWTW.
This makes me READY for Halloween. Think I could convince the family to do this?!
I think I have a better chance of convincing Jon to let me do this....LOL.

Thanks for joining me!

Want a chance to win one of these Blueberry Lemonade Hair Clips?!

Just leave a comment saying what your family is planning to be for Halloween this year?! I will draw a random comment winner on Sunday.

See ya soon!


  1. I am going to be making my daughter a peacock costume. My youngest boy is going to be a greaser (think guys in the movie grease). My oldest will get to choose. I'm sure he will want to be someone from star wars.

  2. I want my kids to be a T-Bird and Pink Lady (From Grease), but don't know if they'll go along with it! We'll have to see if I can convince them enough! My sister and her husband dressed up as Fred and Wilma for a costume party a few months ago, it was great!!

  3. I'm dressing Annamarie up as an Ewok! I'm going to be making her costume :D I was going to do a gnome funny enough, but I thought that might be too manly? I don't know, maybe I could make a girly gnome, but a girl Ewok is cute too!

  4. Aww, I love all of these ideas!

    A lot of StarWars and Grease, so awesome!! :)

    Irene, you're the winner of the clip! Please send me your mailing address at and I will get it out soon!


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