Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photography Shout Outs

A HUGE part of the Etsy-selling world is having amazing photographs of your items. Sure, there are some shops that have really bad/uninteresting pictures and still get sales, but it is definitely more common for the amazing pictures, pictures of the items being worn, etc that are the big sellers. There are several competitors of mine on Etsy (let's be honest, a LOT of people make accessories), that are HUGE sellers. I am talking 15-25 sales PER DAY!

I definitely am working towards that goal, and it is my hearts desire to get to that point one day. I would love for my items to "fly off the shelf" so to speak.

When I take a look at the competition, I notice two things... #1, they re-list ALL the time! Etsy is a super concentrated website, with a lot of awesomely talented folks. When you list an item at 9AM usually by 9:06AM it has moved back a few pages. You want to stay towards the top, and the only way to do that is re-listing. (At .20 per item, it can add up really quickly!)
#2, they have fabulous photos. Professional shots of their item/s being used, as well as a really fluid and cohesive concept throughout the entire shop.

I have been working with a Brick backdrop for my photos, and I absolutely love it. I love the colors, the contrast, and the overall appearance. But my item/s were still lacking those adorable newborn and toddler shots of my pretty creations being used.

You all have heard about my work relationship with Maddi Leigh Photography, and lately I have sent out sweet little "Photographer Packages" to several other photogs. I cannot WAIT to see my item/s on their amazing subjects. I know that the pictures will just be incredible.

Here is a shout out to some of the photographers that I am SUPER excited to work with in the coming months:

<3 Thanks to Denise, Christina, Karlen, Sarah, Kathy, and Jenn for agreeing to work with my products.

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