Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's that time again, friends...Friday!
Do you have any exciting plans for this upcoming weekend?! I am pretty sure that we don't have any; probably have lunch with the family Saturday, and maybe hit the pool. I NEED to go to the pool, it is sweltering hot here...and it is making me miserable!

Okay, enough of my complaing, let's get to the things that make me happy!

Freshly mowed yard. (Nope this isn't MY yard, but it IS pretty!) Thank goodness our yard guy comes today!

Shamelessly addicted...I can't.stop.watching.

I loooove Rompers! Too bad they only look great on toddlers and super skinny ladies. I am neither, so I, unfortunately, cannot partake.

I am really into Pink Pearls as of late. I just think they are such a beautiful twist on an old classic. I am expecting a Pink Pearl Cluster necklace any day now, and I cannot wait.

I am seriously digging these colors together. Mint and Chocolate were made to go together. Weeeell, at least in color form.
Hydrangeas. The more and more I see them, and USE them for hair accessories; the more and more I like them.
Braided hairstyles. Seriously, C U T E, right?

I came across this looking for things that were "Chocolate & Tan". A lot of Dachsaunds came up (Not a fan, sorry!), and so did this. I would love for my bedroom retreat to look like this. Wow.
I may be lame, but I went to Build A Bear on my 16th birthday. It came around MUCH later than when I was a little girl, and I desperately wanted to go. LOVED it. Now we take our kids every year, and their favorite stuffed animals are the ones from BAB.

 And because I am a shameless self promoter, I am also loving this shot from Jenn Hunter Photography:

Isn't she stunning?! I love her little mouth...beautiful. Thanks so much Jenn!! This sweet baby is wearing one of our Bloom Fleur Headbands.

Well, that about wraps it up! Thanks for stopping by, see you soon. 

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