Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Favorites ... Maybe this will be a habit?!

So last week I promised that doing the Favorites on Saturday wouldn't become the norm..and then look what happens?! I do them on Saturday TWO weeks in a row!!

My apologies. We had a fun filled, busy week! Friday was spent playing with some good friends and doing chores around the house...and I had no time to get on here and blog. Oh well, there is always next week..right?!

Without further ado, I present this week's favorites...

My new, VERY favorite fabric...CHIFFON!
It is lovely. Seamless. Somewhat sheer. Soft. Flowy. Easy to work with.

Expect a LOT of new Chiffon items in the shop soon. Squeeeeeal!

I love this Chiffon dress, if only I could pull off that color.

Pretty Chiffon trim...this stuff has SO many uses.

I love trees..expecially those that yield Acorns! (I just checked with Jon, that would be an Oak tree, LOL.) 

Acorns are so fun. My kids were collecting them outside the other day and Evie (my 3.5 year old) asked for a bowl. She said that she wanted a bowl to put acorns in for the squirrels...such a considerate little lady!

While I was searching for an acorn shot, I came across this...adorable!

Seriously, who wants to crochet these for me?! I will trade ya a headband.

I have mentioned before that I LOVE my baby Keurig, but I feel like you should also know that I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Imagine my surprise/excitement/PURE JOY when I saw a commercial for this:
This Mama is going to DD TODAY for some new K-Cups.

This one is pretty self explanatory, but I really enjoy going to our Dollar Tree. They have SO much stuff and it's so reasonably priced....hehehe.

Jon and I didn't have a big wedding, by any means. We were actually married by the JOP at the local courthouse. It was lovely, and fine...but I really wish sometimes that we would have had a big wedding.

In lieu of my (sometimes) wedding fever, I am obsessed with wedding veils as of late. I often wonder what type of dress and veil I would have ended up with...

This is a liiiittle too poufy for my taste, but I love the style.
 vTech toys are awesome. We don't have this actual one..but every product that we have from them is amazing.
This is cute, maybe we need to get this for a Christmas present...
 And last, but certainly NOT this lovely Ruffle Cake. I have to thank my friend, Angela, for turning me onto these awesome things.
Now, I am considering doing a mini Ruffle cake for A's party, as well as making the cupcakes "Ruffled", too!

This would be SO cute for a little girls baby shower.

Well, I am off! Stay tuned, because I have a REALLY exciting 30 day blog challenge starting this weekend!

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